An exploration of wine

276. Bodegas Faustino, Faustino de Autor Reserva, 1995

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Book 2 Wine 276

€24.40; 13%

Having thought that Faustino I Gran Reserva was their top wine, I was intrigued to discover this premium bottled Reserva limited edition. I was actually disappointed with this, especially a ’95, so the Faustino I is restored to the top of the pile to my mind. Possibly a lack of decanting harmed its chances, but even with that, not as enjoyable as the F I. Garnet core with a narrow brick rim. Medium colour depth. Moderate intensity toasty oak core to the nose with some somewhat simple dried cranberry fruit, albeit with some coffee and cinnamon notes. Fairly fresh acidity with moderate, supple tannin. Quite sweet cranberry and bitter cherry flavours, with a reasonable length, somewhat smoky finish.

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