An exploration of wine

270. Leeuwin Estate, Chardonnay Art Series Margaret River, 2002

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Book 2 Wine 270

£41.25 (sale), £55 (full price); 14.5%

Even in Selfridges’ sale, this was expensive, and it felt like paying for the renown of one of (if not “the”) Australia’s finest Chardonnays. Overall, this was a very well made wine, with subtlety and some white Burgundy character. BUT I reckon there’s better for £40 amongst 1ere / Grand Crus. Pale lemon-gold with creamy pear fruit, vanilla and nutty oakiness on the nose, plus a ?mineral-oil-on-cotton-wool? Note. Toasty, nutty (hazelnut?) finish, with a notable smokiness (gunsmoke?) on the finish. Medium acidity balances the 14.5% ABV. Also two labels on top of each other…!

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