An exploration of wine

257. Vignerons du Sieur d’Arques, Blanquette de Limoux Brut Diaphane, 2001

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Book 2 Wine 257

€6.50; 12.5%

My first true Blanquette de Limoux (as opposed to Crémant de Limoux) made from the local Mauzac grape (instead of Chardonnay etc.). Limoux claim this as an older sparkling wine than Champagne and it has a slightly different production method that is supposed to result in a slightly less powerful spritz and a “blanket” of mousse. This latter point was borne-out here. As for the former, I don’t know, but whatever a reasonable sparkler which would do the job quite nicely (and I’d probably prefer this to base-level Cava). Medium bead with low mousse – which declined but not massively over 3 days sealed with a sparkling wine stopper (good buy!). Pale-mid lemon-yellow. Creamy nose with brioche and hints of asparagus (not bad), plus lemony undertones. Creamy palate with fresh acidity. A touch bitter on the mid-palate through the finish, which made the flavour a little disjointed (and a touch alcoholic). Overall not bad though.

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