An exploration of wine

236. Château de Saint Cosme, Gigondas, 2003

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Book 2 Wine 236

£15.52; 14.5%

Beautiful. Dangerously easy drinking – although the company probably helped make it that way: drank with Sandra, Simon and a very pleasant spread of cheeses and ham, whilst visiting their new house-in-the-country, and horse, Con! Deep ruby-garnet core with only the slightest hints of rim-maturity… but intense aroma of dark, rich blackberry and other forest fruits, overlayed with lacings of cocoa and cinnamon. Full-bodied, warm wine, but with enough acidity to hold balance (despite being a product of the 2003 France roasting!). Mature, ripe tannin and good length say ready to drink… 2 more to go!

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