An exploration of wine

192. Domaine de Berthet-Rayne, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, 2001

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Book 2 Wine 192

c. €14; 14%

Tasted and purchased from a stall in Chateauneuf, during their Fête de la Véraison in Summer 2004. Lived up to my expectations 8 months later! Medium ruby colour intensity. On opening, sweet strawberry, giving-way to chilli pepper spice with vanillin. Then developed meaty characteristics, then rice-like notes? Like chilli-rice! Soft, light palate of surprisingly fresh fruit, with medium-long, spicy finish. A little underweight though. However, 2-3 days on, developed port-like notes with prunes and sweet spices (anise?). Nicer.

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