An exploration of wine

106. Prideluje in Polni Vinakras, Izbrani Teran Kras, 2002

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Book 1 Wine 106

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My first Slovenian wine, courtesy of Peter, my Slovene flatmate, and Cecile his girlfriend. They had both forewarned me of the “unusual acid flavour” of Teran wines. The Slovenian Wine Book described both high levels of Fe(II) lactate complexes which both coloured the wine “blood red” and increased relative lactic acidity. It also discussed raspberry flavour and velvety texture, and I found these characteristics more striking. Deep, even red / black. Pronounced red and raspberry aromas. Rounded and silky raspberry flavour with some length, but real length delivered in lactic tang around back-edge of the tongue, but not unpleasant. Drunk with air-dried ham – good match!

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